Monday, February 27, 2017

Some Meaningful Thoughts

Sometimes we as human cannot demand too much. We must always keep in mind that we have our limits in doing anything. We are not the best and need to keep on improving all the time. We want to do this and that and go with our own direction. But then, can we always and keep on succeed in doing so? What if there are obstacles in front of us? What can we do to overcome these problems? Well, this is how human works. Not all are willing to listen to us and not all are bad to us. No matter what, we should try to keep a positive thinking as much as possible. We can be living a far happier and better life if we can actually do so. Try to think of this, if you were given a choice, will you choose to be happy of sad? We cannot force everyone to stay with us all the time. All we can do is to be grateful with what we have now. We need to appreciate the time and effort one make in being with us all this while. Do not wait till the day we regret and think back of what should have been. There is no use in crying over those spilling milk. There shall be no more return to the good old days. 


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Stupid Masters AF!!

Somehow I feel like this masters thing is killing me day by day. Been thinking so hard on how to finish doing it. This semester is the toughest of all! There are no specific academic facilitator to guide us on our assignments like the semester before. This is just purely crazy! How can u expect us to finish it alone. I asked the lecturer. U know what? She told me to find google!! What the. If like this, why don't I just pay google to give me a masters? What's ur purpose then? My goodness. At least tell me how to start. This is like super independent! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017



Monday, February 20, 2017

Updates Of Life Nowadays

It seems like not much people are really into blogging nowadays. But then, no matter what happen outside, Allen's Pasta shall always be here. Though I have updated not much of my stuffs here these days, I will still try my very best to be back here as often as I could. Sometimes the time just do not permit. We are all not as free as before. Too many works to deal with. Assignments. Exams. School. Test. Church. Hang outs. How many time can one divide in one day? God is fair in giving everybody 24 hours a day. No more no less. So, it is up to us to do what we feel is right for all of us. 

Today is the 20th of the month of February and it seems like the end of the month is getting nearer and nearer as days passed by. Suddenly I feel like I am in a rush to finish my syllabus for the primary 6 students. This year is a completely whole new year as I am now teaching the best class and no longer the worst class of all. I need to put more effort in delivering more passes to the school. The target are actually all passes and 10 As to the school for the subject of mathematics. I know this is possible as the students just need more polishing of what they already know. So, hopefully the targets I set could be achieved! Wish me luck guys and gals.

Now to the masters part. I am now currently in the forth semester of my masters course. We will be undertaking one elective subject and 2 major papers where I have chosen the mathematics subject as well. It has been quite tough so far now. The due date for the assignments are on the 20th of April which is coming soon in 60 days. I have practically not done anything yet. Like what I said earlier, where to find time to finish them? All I could think of is during holidays. By that time, I will have one week to finish everything at my own home. But then, I know that I must start first. Never start means never progress. Come on Allen. That's all for now. See ya all soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Need More Time

Here we go again... Oh ya, I am back after so long time away from the blogging world. It's like getting harder and harder to find time to blog nowadays. We have different agenda going on in our everyday life. Sometimes we just cannot control our time and time is always not enough for us to use. What to do. Life goes on and time wait for no one. I am still teaching year 6 this year and still pursuing my masters of education. Another 6 months to go. Let's just see how it goes. Assignments have been handed out but it seems like I am having zero progress up till now. It's just so hard to concentrate nowadays. School in the morning, nap in the afternoon, swim some time in the evening, tuition, church at night and tea time after that. Where can I find some extra time? No idea. So, that's all for now. We shall continue sharing at another time! See ya all.

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