Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Girl N A Changed Person's now the 6th day of CNY liao.. I went for cny visiting once more ei.. La la,it's 6 days in a row liao... Today din went to as many houses as the last few days.. Only about 6-7 nia lo.. Bu still fun lo..went to some close friends n some not so close friends.. Oh well..went to a girl which make feel really "muo sheng" de too.. Lolz..i really din know what to say bout her.. She really make me speechless.. I dunno how i would like her so much before but now everything has changed so rapidly. Maybe i have change ba.. I have turn over a new leaf. Friends also bu chuo ma.. La la la.. Jia you's now the last day of January 2009~~ So P/S:now still in chinese new year mood..dun wanna work la..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY Visiting~~

CNY Visiting~~
Oh all other years..i like to go around my friends' house for CNY visiting.. Haha..but of course din forget bout my relatives lo.. Hmmm..i went to almost all of my relatives during the first day lo.. Haha..quite happy to see all of them who seems to be doing quite well.. Not so tiring on the first day la.. Got quite a lot of visitors on the first day too.. Lolz..then,on the second day liao.. Went out with my classmates to some friends n teachers house lo.. All form 6 de except one special person.. Haha..she din hesitate when we ask her out tat day.. Haha..went together n finish the day happily.. Oh well,tat day was almost exhausted la.. Hmmm... La la la...on teh 3rd n 4th day jiu go with my old friends who went out for studying de lo.. Overall,quite satisfying lo.. Hehz..angpau also very "feng fu" oh... Wahahahaha... Tis year will definitely be a great n a better year than yesteryear!!! Lolz....have a nice day~~^-^

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last day~~Bye-Bye..Mousy,today~~ Today is the last day of the mouse year in the chinese lunar calendar!!! Wow...time just flies so fast that i can't even realize bout it.. haha..jia you ba..everyone.. May u all have a nice cow year ahead of you all.. La la la...

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Why can't u just love them for just one time??? Why is it always like this? Can u just change a bit? Dun be so stubborn!! Haiz...this may be the questions pointed out at someone around me... Oh well,i quite pity her de la.. She has a family yet she make as if she don't have a family. How can that be? Family actually means father and mummy i love you.. u love ur family? If ya..u jiu go on and love ur family ba.. Haha..jia you ba.. I will always support u de.. Don't worry,be happy!! Anyway,happy new year!~

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Problems Faced By Teenagers Today

These days, many teenagers face various problems such as depression, peer pressure, and so on. Some resort to doing certain things to make themselves feel better. Sometimes, what they do may ruin their lives and the teenagers would end up miserable. So, what problems do teenagers face these days? Are these problems serious?

One of the main problems faces by most teenagers is stress. Stress can be brought about by pressure from families. In some families, parents would be pushing their children to do very well in their studies. They are give almost '24-hours' tuition and do not have enough time to relax or spend time with their friends. Some of these teenagers would feel very depressed and might run away from home, or in even worse cases, commit suicide.

Another common problem faced by teenagers is mixing around with bad company. This usually happens when parents are busy with their work and do not spend time with their kids. Having friends are fine; however, the type of friends is what matters. Most of the time, teenagers are not aware of the people that they mix with, and may fall into bad company. They follow their friends’ bad habits and may even start taking drugs or smoking. Once these teens are hooked into drugs, they would need money and they would resort to stealing. This would terribly affect their lives and their studies.

Lastly, some teenagers may have underage sex. When a boy meets a girl, they may develop love at first sight. It is fine to go on a date with her. However, sometimes the teenagers may go too far and unknowingly, result in pregnancy. Sometimes, their parents may not forgive them and the teenagers have to survive on their own. The teenagers would not have enough money to support themselves and their studies would also be affected. Their life would be in total mess.

Hence, I feel that these problems are very serious as these problems affect the teenagers’ lives in many terrible ways. Some teenagers commit suicide because to too much stress, take drugs to feel relieved or sometimes do illegal activities because of pressure from bad friends. Teenagers should have a mind of their own and should know what is right and what is wrong.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life brief candle

You will never know the pain that I have gone through all these while. The pain which makes me older day by day. Days gone by which can't return to it's original self. The inner wombs are so deep that one can never imagine. It is actually beyond one's imagination. One won't believe what has happened. But things happened can't come back and will never ever be repeated. You might watch a drama over and over again but you can't live your life the same way you live it today as you have live them yesterday. No turning back is allowed in your life. Don't beat around the bush or you will get caught. The World will never shine upon you as it has no sunlight to do so. You can shine the Earth by your divine spirit. Make full use of today and don't live the path of evil. Many have walked but not many have succeeded. Life brief candle~~

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Puppy Love 2

Love is's so complicated at times.. We love one another..tis is a good thing.. God loves us as he send his loving son to sacrifice for us.. there are lots of loves in this world.. Sometimes we r stuck in puppy love which can't be explained.. We dunno what are we doing.. We love to do what we want.. Chew..who cares leh? Why do we need to think so much of this thing? Just dowhat we like won't promise us anything.. Love can bring one to heaven for a few seconds but can also bring us to hell in just a few minutes time.. No time for us to take our time.. Lolz..i m speechless.. So lucky to be single now.. I love my life just as it's now.. and like is so different that we don't realize about it.. Can this be explained? Dunno is the best answer.. So..people are so like this.. Nothing to say.. I can talk to talk but can't do to do.. hehz,,i write so much so jia you ba.. i dun care,i just wanna be yours! La la la..^-^


So boring at school these days.... I heard that there will be no pjk classes for the whole of this week.... I will be sitting just at the office doing nothing once again.... haiz....u ppl must be thinking i m really shuang la... Sien ah....i would rather go into any class to see n teach any kind of students.... I don't like to sit there... Being a stupid person... I will become sok qu de... Susah betul.... Then....after next week...jiu cny holidays le.... Chew...i could barely meet my students ei... Lolz...what do u guys think? Susah bu susah?? La la la....

Friday, January 16, 2009






一个声音说:"看 那就是我的年轻岁月".


生活 一个多么沉重的话题啊

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Puppy Love 1

While i can still say this...means that I have seen and heard a lot of these things happening around me. No matter close or not is not something which we can control. The so-called love relationship between two teenagers are really just puppy love. Why are more n more people are trapped inside these things?? They waste their time thinking of these things. OMG~~please don't believe this la...that is really not ur real love. He or she is just someone u have a sudden electric charge on nia.. After the spark is gone,jiu G.G liao... This is not funny. be continue~~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I m back..guys.. KL trip was great and i will definitely miss the time i spent with my dad there... La la can't really write anything coz i had a severe headache after i came back... time ba..

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Big Announcement

Halo..everyone!!! Here's a very important announcement!! I will be away for a few days starting from tonight onwards till next monday ya... haha..i will be going to KL.. anxiuos ah.. Lolz...the last time to sit in an airplane was some time 4 years ago liao ei.. Chew...really so long mo... Plus..this time i m going to sit in the airplane alone ei... N the destination place is KL.. Gon chiu~~~ dad will be waiting for me there.. We will go to play around KL n genting... a lot alot alot of things.... Shop till broke qu... Wahahahahahaha..........^-^ Play like never before... Err,btw...these are all my plans la... Hope it will be realised la... Muahahahaha...XP~~~ So,people....dun miss me ah.... Just a few days nia... Lolz...everyone jia you ya... Wish me good luck.... Have a nice day!!^-^ La la la....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy 20th Birthday!!!^-^ the 6th of January 2009... Yeah,it's the birthday of someone very special to me before... I was once attracted to her so much that I will do anything for her. But as time goes by,people start to change. My love start to change. But,i never forget her. We are still good friends. So,I wanna dedicate this post of mine to her... I hope that she will see this or someone who see this will help me tell her about it. Deep in my heart,I know I still have a nice feeling for you just that I dun dare to show it in front of others. I once promised her to give one another a 3 year period for us to cool down. But then,it's coming into the fifth year liao... And I haven done anything to pull her heart to me. But I did do something which once touched her deeply. That was when she was leaving for matrix during the end of May 2007. I wrote a letter to her. N i confess to her.. So...Happy Birthday,my dear friend!!! Happy 20th Birthday to you!!!


Today...actually had nothing to do at school de... But,muo ming qi miao de...I was asked to sit in for Mr.Teo's class... Lolz...make me had to sit in the class doing nothing and had to hear the noise of the 4 classes I attended to... Haha..but still ok de la..better than sitting in the office doing nothing... So,that sums up my teaching day no.2... So tired and slept the whole afternoon before I decided to give my car a bath before I leave for KL in two days time... Ok then,tat's all for my daily stuff~~

Sunday, January 4, 2009



Saturday, January 3, 2009

Teacher Job~~

I will be officially be a morning session teacher starting next monday. Haha..who would have expected that? I never had any confidence in anyway that I would get it the first place. But then, the teachers seems to like me or my loud voice ba.. I will be teaching PJK lo... Don't really had any idea on how to teach that sub la.. But when i come to think of it,it's not that hard actually. Just some sports nia ma.. So,now what I have to do is resign my post at Yeo's. Oh well,still got one more problem.. I need to take leave for 2 days~~the 9th and the 12th..since i will be leaving for KL that time.. So much headache i faced in thinking of how to solve this problem. I can't sleep the whole night dreaming n thinking of it. Finally,I think through this morning. I just have to write the letter and hand in to the principal ma.. Scare what la... So noob de... Haha...i will do my best in being a good teacher de la.. La la la...^-^

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