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Different Opinion

Not everyone agrees with you say all the time. The World is not celebrating new year all the time. If there is up, there should deem to have down.

Coming soon! Anticipating it ya..

I have been having a deep and nice sleep last nite. I also wonder why so. But then maybe there are two reasons behind it. One, I was really tired after walking around town for the whole afternoon and evening. Two, it was raining the whole nite and I was feeling too comfortable dreaming of my allowance. I dreamed that my allowance has finally came in dy. But until I realized it, it was all just a dream. Oh well, what to do. Being here for more than a year and a half, I can finally say that I am used to the situation here where nothing is fast and efficient. Everything must be done last minute. Anyway, this is a great compliment for this institute here as it is really bergaya ma! Congrats ya. Enjoy ya. Anyway, I dun wanna it to spoil my weekend. So, I might as well leave it behind and not think of it. It's a Sunday by the way. And Sibu is bound for me in 4 days time. I haven pack yet. I am just anticipating highly on the next few days to come. Where I will miss class for the first t…

Ridiculous Matter

I am also not quite sure if this feeling is normal or not anyway. But it just bother me so much. I have been waiting for a chance to pounce so much yet I have been disappointed yet again. Why can other option do it and yet only us being left behind. The beautiful and satisfying face on every single one of them. Kept thinking to myself, when will it be the maths classes' turn to do one. What to do, i guess it's just something too hard to ask. There's no cooperation between the junior and senior. Just because of the financial factor. What a pure disgrace. We have the ability to do so but we just won't think out of the box and do it for just this one time. This is just crazy. The Malay option successfully organized their BM night as they enforced a must go on everyone. The Chinese group did their show on stage every semester and we have got nothing more to complain about them. They were just pure magnificent. The Tesl group too held their drama and Tesl Night every year a…

Pesta Ang Pau 2011~

It's yet another Friday nite here..but the next one to come shall be a different one.. N the next next to come as well... Hahaha..the feeling is here dy... So, now i just wanna complete my 4 days of class asap... lol...tis is mandatory... Walalala..finished watching all the performances of Pesta Ang Pau 2011... And there were just great...oh usual... We can always count on them...haha... lalala...imagining things...wat will happen to this place if there were no such group of ppl doing these performance.... Hmm..think about it ba..^^

Not that easy!!

It's not that easy to be a leader ah... sad la...>.


Got my sem 3 results today..happy n unhappy at the same time.. Happy that I maintain my record in the class...while unhappy coz my pointer have dropped... Lol...but then i am really grateful for a pointer like this... Haha..i know it's gonna be hard for me to match tat kind of pointer in degree..,May God bless me abundantly ya...hahahaha...^^

Abandoned n Back~

Wow...this blog seems so abandoned dy after such a long time without updates... Haha...maybe it's because of the long days for movies...homeworks...dota...ISL...and many more... Wahaha...but then, now i officially turn back to this blog. Less dota from now on...movies also not tat often dy.. Oh well..good luck to my blog ba.. Alalala...allowance oh allowance...pls do come in quickly oh...i really need u la... without u, i can actually suffer so much la... God bless..^^

First Friday!

OK, here we go again. It's the first Friday of the year 2011! Which means that one week has gone by. To tell the truth, I haven really discover anything really useful this week. Many lecturers have not made it into my class. It's as if the real grace period where sometimes I can feel really really free. And there's no point being in the class. But but but. I do know that it's not an easy task to study them. It requires lots of memorizing. So,good luck to me ba... Haha...CNY in 3 weeks time...^^

U Must be Joking!

Not everyone can be lucky all the time! U will taste it one day in the future. Walalala. U think you r so great. So wat? Noob King!


It's just not the same anymore...many things changed... Some time just won't come back.................argh~~~~~~~

Back Dy~~

Back to my beloved blog after leaving it for so long during my 6 weeks holiday back at home... i dun really like or felt interested in dealing with my computer back at home... Lol...but at here, everything's so different..., nice to meet all of u ya... ^^ Do anticipate the next post~~