Sunday, February 27, 2011

3 in 3 Days~~

After the suffering assignment that day, I have been living a nice and relaxing weekend... Guess what I did...I went for 3 movies in 3 days... Lol...ate KFC, lamb chop...and did many nice stuff...crazy things... Hahahaha...this is the life I want~~ I din do a single ISL..tutorial.. Hahaha..just let it be there first ba..^^ Next week going to kundasang for a camp~~ Yeah...can't wait oh...walalalala...^^

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silences Heard and It DOES HURT~

I seems to be complaining too much at, I think I need some time of silence from now on. Just to keep quiet for a while can make a whole lot of difference! Come on. Even after the betrayal from someone I trusted a lot before. How can a person change so much? Or is he really that selfish. Do we really know who this guy is. Maybe he has been faking himself all these while. Cheating the feeling of all his friends and family. I was really frustrated that very night when everyone was working so hard in order to finish the task. Sad and nearly cried out. Yet I decided to cool myself down and accept the fate that you are just too tired and have some other plans. Maybe you will wake up in an hour or two. To help us in completing the task and share the work. Oh well, it was all just a dream. In the end, I gave up in waking u up. I made up my mind to finish them with my other partner ourselves. I dun care anymore. After that, you can actually pretend that you did nothing wrong. Not a bit feeling of sorriness inside you. What kind of human being are you actually? I was instantly speechless that moment and I decided to ignore you from now on. We can't be great partner and so, no point in continuing our grouping. You shall do yours and I will continue mine. In short, GET LOST LA!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Heart Felt Notes

Homeworks seems to be endless again these days. One by one rushing in with me can't stop rushing to burn them down. What a way to go on with my life. This just make me to being more and more anticipated with the fact that I will be away from all these burden in 16 days time. Come on. Just give me a break. Maths assignment to be passed up this Friday. Many things have not been done just yet. English ISL are growing more and more like mountains. Education subjects are so crazy that they are killing me softly. So many things to be memorized. A life full of thones ahead. And yet my mind is not just filled with these study stuff. It's actually more than that. Money is another big worry. How come I just feel not enough to spend. Two trips to KL. One trip to Mount KK. WOW. Another 1.5 K gone, and this is the minimum I would spend. LOL.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Go on Gunners!!

Since my team can't win the PL this season, I might as well switch my attention to the Gunners... Haha..I would actually like the Gunners to do the job for us this season..better than those stupid red devils.. Wahahaha..come on,Gunners!! We shall beat them for u soon...very very soon...8 more days... Go to the top n be the very best!!

Losers Who Can't Stand Losing

What do you do when the team you supported play so badly at a sudden? Do you tend to get frustrated or what? Bearing all the pain when the others kept on laughing at your team's performance. Oh well, sometimes I tend to get suffocated by the thin breathing space those folks give me. Some people just won't learn. They just like to support the best team. Why must this be happening? Change a bit la. Never even try to think outside the box. When the weaker team won, they can say that it was a lucky win. What kind of World is this? Think about it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Oh My Gosh~~

Oh my Gosh...this is happening to me once again... Haha..the feeling of in love... La la la...what a this true love? I really dunno as I have been doubting my own decision all these while. Wrong choice made and regrets after regrets. Maybe this is another love at first sight. So,once again I shall tell myself not to get too caught up in this. Walalala...hafta think outside the box more often starting from now own... Lol...but then, she shall remain in my memory as someone who I really wanna care and be a friend with. Hehe..have a nice day ppl..

Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Day!

Today was a day when we ended our B.I.G camp..and coincidentally it's also the Valentine's Day... Haha...oh well..we had our final meal in BIG..then packed the things we used... N next to the closing ceremony.. Yeah...the 4 days 3 nights camp just ended like that...hehe...^^ Come on ppl...i wish i can have the chance to do these activities again next time! Coz it really rocks...ahhahaa...^^

Saturday, February 12, 2011

B.I.G.(Bina Insan Guru)

Let's talk bout B.I.G.(Bina Insan Guru)~~ Haha..this is a annual camp which a year one semester one student must join... Lol..n it's actually a very very nice camp! Full of praise for it...we have been busy since the first day of BIG. Cooking, marching, setting up the camp...have some dance and making of flags! That's all for day one...

On the second day, we went for a jungle trekking... The trail was so tiring, ppl...long long walk...under the hot hot sun... Walking all the way, making notes along the way...seeing lots of things.. I was nearly out of this world in a few times...falling here n there...nearly into the deep river one time.. Haha...the lousy n old bridge also cracked...omg!! Hehehe..really sot la...although the trail which we walked was only 5 km, but i just felt tat it was never going to end... Chew...we just keep on walking like a blind man which dunno his way...

After that, we finally reached the place where we could cook our lunch.. We cooked our lunch by using firewood n branches...walao...this is just so so hard n challenging la.. Plus the rainy day...with the lack of to cook... In the end, among all the groups, we were the last team to finish cooking our lunch. But then, time was wat can we do other than eat the rice n maggi mee which were not so nice to eat..a bit raw la...wahahahha... No matter wat, we din gave up and still ate up all the food...hehe..^^ Nice nice...we walked back to the school and depart back to IP next...hehe..nite time was quite relaxing with some small activities...flag discussion n dances...^^

To the third day then...haha... It's another big day for BIG as we were going for water rafting that very cool cool... The ups n downs we faced when we were in the boat...rafting here n there...the water was so cold... Lol...come on!! How i wish i can go once again... Still wondering how it would be like if i had to raft like tat to go to school everyday next time... Walala..tat will be cool? or not? Haha...depends on how u see it la..

Then it was the show time for every group... Every group was required to present a show for all on that nite! Haha...honestly, i can tell u all that I was really not prepared when I walked on stage... All the actions was just instant reaction to what i thought at that moment... Hehe..we really had no time to prepare well for the dance n drama ba... However, every group still manage to present their item...n it was nice to watch..some quite hilarious while some quite interesting... One word, Magnificent!

On the fourth be continued tomolo...hahaha...^^ More interesting details...soon!! Wahahaha..good nite ppl!!^^

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A World of Blahblahblah

I am somehow so frustrated now just because of a such little thing. Something not so suitable for us may just be the main reason of happiness for the other people in life. It's not easy to accept the truth which can be seen or unseen but what can we do to avoid it. Just continue with the not so good life. Live it there. Fight for a second and be sad for a million years ahead. What's the point behind this. One strange feeling one may have at some critical time of life. No choice but to live like this at times like this. Sadness won't cover all the evil-minded we have all the time.

To Continue Or Not

The best part of something is when you finally know that you have achieve success in something. This time around I have done quite a lot of...