Sunday, August 28, 2011

The More Will Just Bring The More!

The more I know about you, the more I scare that I can't succeed. Feeling weird and don't know how to continue to the next step. I wanted to do it as well but sometimes I just don't have so much courage in doing so. Don't know whether you will do the same thing or not, don't know if you will accept it or not, don't know this and that. Oh well, once again I am thinking too much.

The more I think about you, the more things I think. What a life, I just realized that I have change so much that some friends have actually sort of abandoning me. They don't like the me now. They can't accept the fact that this actually happen. Well, I also don't know what to do to counsel them. All I know is that I am doing the right thing at the right time. I know I want this, so I will 100% do my best in reaching my target.

The more I see you, the more touching feelings I felt. Happiness seems forever. The things done or the place gone seems not that important anymore. The feeling is getting more and more uncontrollable day by day. Wow, this sounds a bit weird. Yet, I am sure that God, you and me know what am I trying to say now.

The more you feel suspicious, the more I am important to you. You have adapt me into your life just any other essential things surrounding you everyday. I know all we need is time but when can this end? God knows when and I hope it's gonna come really really soon. Cause I am really feeling so not confident in this kind of matter. Let's just pray that God may grant an earlier date for the both of us! Hehe.^^

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time n Advises..^^

Well, time can go slow at times yet we never realize that the moment we think that it's slow, it has been passing by like the wind dy. Time cannot be turned back. Whatever we do, it's called history. No one can return to the past and change a thing. This is how life is. Oh my, time is gold indeed.

Back to my story, the things I wrote or said has all become a fact dy. I can delete them but I can never guarantee that it will not remain in other people's mind. Oh well, what to do. Just live on with it. No one likes to change. But sometimes it may be the best thing for us. Someone gave me some advises just now. Yeah, I didn't like it as no one has told me about this before. However, after thinking for a moment, there are actually some truth in it as well.

I am who I am for such a long time dy. It's just not that easy for me to turn my manners around. Maybe I am too used to it dy. So, please do grant me some more time in changing this. I hope I can and I wanna thank you for this. Haha. Happy day! 2 more days to holiday~~^^

Monday, August 22, 2011

la la la..^^

Change has been happening now and then. We can never stop it or avoid it. It's just the way it is. Sometimes I tend to think to myself about the things I used to do before and the things which I have been doing now. Not forgetting the things I may get into in the future.

Some things can be change so easily yet some may never ever be change no matter under whatsoever circumstances. Make a choice at a right time will always make our life happier. Live your dreams to the fullest. Do not let your future control you but you shall be the one controlling it at all time. Advises are good but just hear them but you don't necessary have to follow them. Do it your own way.

Keep in mind that it's never too late to turn back as long there's time ahead of you. A promise is always a promise and please don't break it. It just hurts a lot when we break it. Life is a journey of you and me. I have found you and all my focus are put on you but that doesn't guarantee that I will get you.

Whenever we find ourselves wrong in something that we do, just change it. Don't let it burden you. Change the course although you know there are some consequences behind. You yourself know what are the benefits you will get. Just compare to some of your friends who is still in the wrong path. Did they get what they deserve? It's their choice and they are the one who will decide it. I can't do anything for them as it's their life.

Being a happy guy in a happy place is all that important. Oh well, has been feeling the stress of assignments for the last few weeks and now is time to have some rest. All the other assignments are needed to be passed up after the holiday. Gotta start soon but not today. See ya.^^

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Times Shared~~

Some took just months to found one yet most average people might just take years and years to find one which suits themselves the most.

So, yeah. I do agree that the timing must always be right. No rushing is needed anyway. Life is still long and beautiful.

What we must always keep in mind is the right way to fish. We must never pull the string too tight or let it be too loose as well. Pull when it's necessary and let it go at the right moment.

Before we move towards a higher step, the step before should always be mastered before hand. Be cool and think positive!

There are many types of friends. So, I would rather be a good friend who can be a good listener to you than any other friend.

These few weeks had been the happiest weeks in campus up until now. Time passes all these while but how it's spend is the most important one.

One more week to holiday. Going Beaufort for fireflies watching, food fair and the most important thing of all~~Mount Kinabalu Climbing Trip!! Bla bla bla..^^

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Speechless Once More!

Come on la..i just couldn't figure out how some people are thinking at times. Being so selfish all the time. You just couldn't accept the fact that you can only have one religion at a time. Please be clear of what you are doing before you do it. Oh my, seeing what she has been doing is like cutting my throat wide open. How can someone so clever in studies be so irrational in making such kind of decision?

Some just won't go to church even when people ask them times over times. Yet they claim they are real Christians. Speechless. Ruthless people having noob claim. Hate it, hate it...damn, i can't continue on dy. Last words, choose the one and only one God in your heart, serve your words and be a good believer. Come on!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Promised Post For My Friend!

Patient, patient and patient once more. All I can do now is just this. My future is so bleak, I do know that. Well, like what my friend quoted, " there are so many more trees in the world, why must we just focus on this certain tree?" If the guy wanna do so many this and that, then do I really need to care bout it? You can play girls like that but you can never gain their heart. I was so angry at first. I also don't know why yet after calming down and think rationally, I felt like I was actually really childish to be tricked into this whole psychotic stuff.

Difference in religion is not a big matter for me. I never think so much of what will happen in the future. Life is like a roller coaster all the time. You don't know when will you go up or when you will go down. I will just take my step by step until I reaches the end. No luck doesn't mean goodbye. Have a nice day people!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy!

Girl, why do you change so easily?
Girl, what are you doing now?
Girl, where are you wandering around?
Girl, who is with you currently?
Girl, would you please answer me?

Boy, please don't think too much.
Boy, people do need own life at times.
Boy, learn to care for yourself before others.
Boy, focus on the more important stuff.
Boy, just be yourself.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Latest Update of My Life!'s week 9 of the sem dy... Haha...i have been studying at this place for 8 weeks and my friends in local uni has been enjoying their long nice holiday back at home all these time... Wondering how's their life now...wat has they done... Oh well, luckily I still has the chance to meet them in 2 weeks plus time...

Many things to anticipate this second half year...Mount KK in 2 weeks time, KL in 3 months time... Haha...gonna be back to my hometown in September, October and November... many things to do... Lol...good good...

But then, enough of the enjoying stuffs... There are also a lot of asssignments to settle...hmmm...2 before holidays... Finally I feel we are on the right track...hehe, and that was when we are moving into the last week before passing up the long tiring task of drawing, cutting, pasting and colouring... Haha...i just hate them!! But what to do...still need to do in order to get marks...

Time changes changes the feeling of a human being...'s either you lose one or gain just can't have both... I know, i's sad but then this is life! Haha...come on...Allen!! No matter what happens, just be yourself...^^

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time Machine!

I wish I could go back in time, to the time I didn't know you. Cause those times, were a lot easier.

Yeah, things really changed a lot since the day I knew you. Weird human feelings started to pop up.

Enemies become friends and friends turn into enemies. Some good people doing bad things and some bad people doing good things.

Which one are you in? I really don't know. Sometimes you are cold while sometimes you are cheerful.

You change just like the temperature. Both hot and cold. In the end, I just can't figure you out!

Friday, August 12, 2011


It's a Friday night once again. Just like every other Friday night, it's the best night of whole week. A time where we need not think of anything but just fun...haha...yet... Dunno la...feels weird now...TGIF!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Choices We Took~

Things come and go, some used yet some shall be unused forever. Looking may not be the best choice yet it shall not be as easy as it seems.

We took the right choice at first yet that may not be the best and most suitable one for us. Some may suits yet some may just need to go through a hell out of it.

One decision leads to another. It's like take it or leave it. Time passes every second, every minute. Time waits for no one.

Nostalgic moment happens now and then. Regret of this and that. This is what made all the difference with all the people surrounding us.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feelings After Taking Results!

Feeling so unsure how to continue in my homeworks or assignments at times. I do know the facts that I need to finish them no matter what happens. I won't be getting an A if I dare to pass up late. It's just so weird how a person with so less confident to score so well in exams. Feeling scare that he might not even get an A-. And what happen eventually, he scored A in the subjects which he was not confident but scored A- in the subject which he was feeling most confident.

Another problem, I just couldn't understand how come there are some existence of these kind of bias lecturers. How come they can actually abuse their power like this? Speechless. This really make me so unsatisfied. Stupid lecturer with stupid brain. Coming to the class with this kind of attitude. How do I need to show to our student next time? Haha. Go to hell la.

Oh well, the lecturer just now was not as bad as the one I am going to mention now. This lecturer in the mean time, punished the whole class by not letting any single one of us to get an A. No A, no A-. The highest was B+ and that was only 3. Crazy, insane, foolish, immoral, brainless, out of her mind and bla bla bla. Hate her so much. Did our class really hurt her by giving her a very low mark in her borang penilaian that she need to treat us like this. Think about it.

Enough complaining. Now it's time to be happy and be grateful that I got this kind of results. I really in no reason to believe that I would eventually got a pointer score of 3.86. This is just extraordinary high for me. And What I know now is that it's easy to score like the first time, but hard to maintain it. Haha. I just hope to do my best this sem. Don't ever think too much. Oh my, i still can't believe.

Lastly, I would like to apologize to any of you if you felt being hurt here. Bak kata pepatah, "Siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas" You know this yourself la, whether you deserve it or not. Think about it. Good day! Happy Studying!^^

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Make Us Who We Are Today!^^

The worst thing one can found out is that one day we might just discover that the one who truly love us is actually our best friend. We have been so used to the close relationship till we can't express the word "love" to him/her anymore. It's just so much different from the feeling which we expect all this while. Everything seem not right as all we have been doing all this while was just a pure lie in front of so many other people.

Love is just a so so weird thing. We don't know when it will come and when it will eventually evaporates away from us. So, we must all appreciate it the best way possible when we have set a target for it. Thinking too much will just bring no help to us. Strike when the timing is right. But this may be easy to say yet extremely hard to do as well.

This is the life process which everyone are deem to face all the time. No way to avoid it. If you can't do it, then so do I! No worries. There shall always be ups and downs all the time in our long and awesome life. You can't be unlucky all the time as there is always something better behind failure. Once fail doesn't mean always fail! Come on.

Why must we face difficulties with a sad and ugly face when we actually know that happy makes a day and sad also makes a day. Think about it guys and gals. Do you wanna be the one who is being hated by others or be the one who everyone anticipates to meet everyday?

One can be confuse by the choice he/her need to make all the time. So many trees in the jungle. Once we put put our eyes on one, then does that mean that we can't seek for another tree? Unless you create a bond in between you with the chosen tree, or else you still can redeem your freedom and pursue for a better and nicer tree around us. In short, life is long and we should always make the right choice at the right time as this will make us who we are today!^^

Monday, August 1, 2011

Between Love n Like!!^^

There's always a question which is so hard to answer for me. What is the thing I like in her? Most of the things I find are just her pure appearance. Do I really know who she is deep inside her? How she thinks of me, is this important? of course, no doubt! Haha..I never know how excited I would get when I actually know the truth.

That's why I always says love is blind. You never really know when you will fall into the love trap. So, is that called like or love? Only you can determine it as our standards might be different. Maybe time can turn everything around. I have went into false alarm a few times already in this campus. So, I might as well not be so sure as well this time. Let it be and do some slow catching first. I will take things step by step. No need to rush.

I will try my best in discovering the positives and negatives in you. Happy with the positives and accept your negatives. Good luck and all the best to the new set target of mine!

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