Friday, October 14, 2011

Some Contrast Feelings on TGIF!^^

The Path and Footsteps of life!

I am deeply confused right here right now. Maybe this is just pure human feeling. We just don't know what to expect at times. Life goes on quietly with all the others doing their own stuffs without acknowledging the others around them. Feeling sad just won't help cut much pain. A person with such a mind will just tend to hurt the ones who really care for them. I am writing here just to show that I care but there might just be someone at the corner who will misunderstand. What a world.

The Colors Of Life are just so Nice!^^

You can just be yourself as I don't really want to care about you. I will live my life as always and continue with it with as many colors as possible. Don't you dare piss me off or something bad just might happen without giving extra seconds to think over. Get on with it or get ready to be busted out of here.

First time in 21 Years.

What I can say is that it's for real this time. I just need some more time to prepare everything as it's my very first time in this 21 years. Well, nearly 22 la. Come on. Yeah, being someone who listens is definitely better than someone who keeps on nagging the same thing over and over again. Sometimes I feel like calling that person to just shut the hell up and get lost. But I can't as I don't have such courage and I don't want to let that person lost face.

Be Yourself!~~

It's time to let everything cool down and I hope everything will be back to normal. My exams are coming soon and this shall never be the reason to disturb my mind. Like some of my friends said, I don't need to talk or do so many actions. Just act like normal. Be yourself and she will be in your catch sooner or later. No need to rush. Time is there. If she is yours, she will deemed to be yours no matter what. God has determined this fate since God knows when. Trust in Him and you shall realized how much blessing you can receive from him.

Fishing once in a while might just Help~~

Just like my post the other day. This is just like catching a fish. Sometimes we pull while sometimes we need to let it free a bit but we shall never stop holding on the rod. But then, we should always keep in mind when to pull the plug. Anyway, good luck to me and the others who are facing the same old problem over and over again.

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