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Half A Decade. Long or Not Long?

Well, as I have promised my friends before the holiday ends last few days for this post, here I m now. It's been a pretty long course for me to take, isn't it? The whole duration is for 5.5 years and now 5 years has gone by. Half a decade of my life was filled with the excitement, joy, tears, sweat and etc of being a trainee teacher. From the first semester of foundation till now the end of the seventh semester of degree, we have all went through a long long way indeed.

Next semester we are into our final semester in the institute which we call by IPG Kampus Gaya. No matter how was the treatment which we got, the way they deal with stuffs, the ridiculous ideas, the this and that which we felt are quite insane, we must never forget that this was the place which gave us the chance to pursue our degree. Without the help of the lecturers here, we are all nobody to anyone else. So, why not give a round applause as a token of appreciation to our beloved lecturers.

We should never f…