Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy 22nd Birthday, Allen!!^^

October 2011 is gonna end really really soon and today is the climax of the nice October month. It's the 27th!! Hahaha! Which also means that it's my birthday. This year I am celebrating it back at my hometown, Sibu with my family n two of my best pals, Andy n Sylvester! Come on guys, you people really rocks and I appreciate all the sweet time we took in making the cake and treat you all gave me! Last 2 years I was away from my home and celebrated it at KK! Indeed, this time is much much different from before.^^

Just like the year before and the years before this, I have received hundreds of blessings in the form of sms, calls and most common way of all, facebook wall post! Thanx a lot guys and gals for the nice wishes as you all really make my day. I love you all. Come on, let's rock our friendship till the end of our life. Friendship forever and may God bless you all always!

 Before today, my friends in IP have actually celebrated my birthday with me before hand. They treated me to a dinner and bought me a shirt. How nice! Thanx ya, Eudora, Jun Ning, Kavil, Mei Ling, Ning Ning, Bernard, Cindy n Esther! All the best guys! Other than that, I celebrated today's birthday by making a cake with Andy n Sylvester! Thanx man for the cake n treat you 2 gave me. Not forgetting my mum n dad for the delicious and magnificent dinner at Hong Fu! Nice one and I am indeed so so happy today~ Anyway, Happy 22nd Birthday, Allen!!^^


Cindy said...

Those in front of u look like all are ur kids.. haha! :) Again, happy birthday~ seems like ur birthday is very meaningful! Good day~ haha...

Allen said... la..those r my mum's tuition Thanx again..yeah..have a nice day!!^^

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