2 More Days Here~^^

Ok, great life indeed. After celebrating my birthday, it's time to prepare my heart to be back to KK once again. 2 days more here in Sibu. Less than 2 weeks to the final exam for semester 2, I guess I am on a quite good progress in my studies. Both major covered so far so good. 4 days of exam period which are 10th(EDU 3103), 15th(MTE 3103), 16th(MTE 3104) and lastly 17th(PJM 3102). After that, the holidays will arrive as usual. So, there will be another 6 weeks of long holidays for me. How nice. Can't wait but first of all I have deal with these exam papers first. Oh well, good luck to all of you out there who are facing the same old problem. Haha, typical student life.! All the best and have a nice day!^^


DoRa Priscilla said…
Good luck to you too! I have a hard time preparing for my major.. huhu.. susa bah
Allen said…
huhuhu dora...nice nice...take it easy gal...u still have time ba..^^ Susah also can become senang one..wahaha..
DoRa Priscilla said…
haha.. Allen, I just notice.. You have lost some weight! hehe.. your picture with ning2 earlier this year n now, can see a slight difference oo ^^v
Allen said…
wow...thanx gal...this make my day even brighter!! Wahahahha...^^

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