Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sharing Is Caring

We might just not believe what others tell us when we start to discover how evil the surrounding can be. I had a weird dream last night and that made me awake for at least 10 times before I finally gave up at 8 am. The dream is about a girl who used to be a good friend of mine before everything started to change. She decided to keep secrets and didn't wanted to share with the others anything which belongs to her. Well, and one day she cheated on me and suddenly I got really angry and burst into tears before making myself awake to this beautiful Saturday morning. And this gave me the idea to share a few things here:

The last few days has been quite eventful for me in this Kota Kinabalu place. Let's start on Wednesday, I went for a Convention for PRS(Pembimbing Rakan Siswa). It was quite fun with all the food provided without us paying any cent but just one problem, too boring. I was able to concentrate at the first place but things started to get real boring especially when it's nearly the end of the convention. But all in all, I did get some knowledge from the whole convention and I hope that I can really apply them in my life some day in the future.

Then on Wednesday's night, we had rosary and it was quite nice after not doing so for quite some time. It's like a small gathering between all Catholic students in the IP. Thursday we had handball competition. This was my second time playing it and we won our first match that day. We waited for our second match but time just doesn't permit so we had to wait till the next day for our second and third group stage match. During the night, I went to the church with a few of my friend for Youth Gathering and rosary. It was fun and interesting as always. We talked about Holy Spirit the other night. Something which is not so common among us. Learn a lot and feels great.

Friday had Pameran Literasi Bahasa in the morning. Everything went quite smoothly and nothing big happened. The lecturers were full of praises for us and we were all really happy to wear our class batik on the same day. It was so nice and pretty! Handball competition continue straight after the Pameran. So the game started at 2.30 pm. We won our second and third match in the group stage respectively and became the leader of the group. We was going to face the second placed team from group A which was 1 Malaysia in the semi finals.

We expected a big and rough test from them but we would never expect what would happen next. The captain and the star of their team actually gave attacks to two of our key players. They were unable to stand on their feet and everything went from bad to worst. We lost the game and we were required to fight in the 3rd and 4th place playoff. In that particular match, we also lost but at least we lost with pride. We scored goals happily and conceded more than we scored with 6 players. All in all, good game people.

On the same night, I attended a dinner for all the semester 8's senior who are going to graduate this year end. It's their last semester here and so, the JPP organized a dinner for them. The food and place was nice as it was located at a 5 stars hotel, Meridien. Many performances on the night and I started to wonder what would be like when I am graduating in a few years time. Laugh out loud. Come on people, that's all for the memorable happenings in the last few long and tiring days. But then, do remember that it's still October!! Smile more guys and gals.

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