Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wrong Thing At The Wrong Time T.T

We just don't know what we have done wrong, never knew that this step of us would actually lead to this kind of effect. What can we do if we don't even know where did we got wrong in our life? OMG...this is really complicated and confusing la. So hard to interpret the true meaning ah... Leaving in this world of cruelness sometimes just makes me feel so upset. So sad that I can't do so many things I disappointed with someone who let me unhappy because of some events which had happened in my present life.. How I wish that I can live in a world with no pressure and stress? How wonderful can that life be? Should me much better ba,I think la.. Oh well,my mindset has been turn upside down since the start of the year. I have change. I don't deny that. Haiz,sometimes change isn't the worse thing for us. I dunno why but everything seems to be passing away from me so fast. So fast that I cannot catch up with them. I am still learning how to walk yet they expect me to fly. I can never meet their expectation if life's still like this. T.T

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