Friday, August 29, 2008

Everyone Be Alert

Helo,everyone.. So sleepy la..but I just can't afford to sleep this kind of period. I know I want to but I just cannot do so. I have to do something more essential. I cannot go towards the wrong direction. It's wrong. Hmmm...not good,not good.. Sleep needed to be cut short from now onwards. 2nd trial falls on the 22nd of September. About 3 more weeks till that day. But I am already very anxious. Anxious about how hard will I fail again this time. Anxious about how I will have to see my own face after seeing my results. I have been hit for 5 times already!!! I have never achieve such a feat in my whole life. Now,who can break tat record of mine? Michael Phelps also have to think about it first.. The last time is coming soon and I think I will once again be doing the same thing this time around. So sad. Unwell. Pessimistic. Down-hearted. Stupid. Not good jiu shi not good. I always cry to myself asking myself why am I treated so cruelly everytime. Why can't I be treated more fair? Why I can't be like Mr.Teo? Why is Ah Kuok so pro? How can they maintain their high marks ah? Why why why??? What can I do to be like them?? What are they doing now? Studying? Sleeping?? Haiz..I am still here.. That's what I know.Here I leave you guys with my deepest wishes for everyone to be success in the coming exams!!!


Barbara said...

allen, ever tot 为什么生活不可以就1+1=2这么简单?为什么非得 d/dx : [tan^2 (y+1)= 3 sin x] = (3 cos x)/ [2 tan (y+1) sec^2 (y+1)] 这么复杂?
guess u wont read my blog, so add in another sentence 老把事情记在脑里,太浪费空间、力气、时间了。还很多比E=mc^2复杂的formulae 要记呢!
stpm 只有4个月了……不能再有40++ 的分数了……不管考试有多么难。不要把目标定在C+,一定要4A!!strive n aim for d top, nt jz moderate.
dun ask y u r so unlucky. d world's nvr fair. bt only d stongest survive. i believe u r part of tat gang. gambateh! ^^

Eileen said...

dun feel sad..god is always fair. it may not be ur time yet! Gambate 4 the best bah!!

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