Sunday, November 23, 2008


These few days just passed by like a wind blowing through so swiftly away..... Nothing special happened,just that I am preparing for my physics and maths paper in 3 days time... just feel cool whenever I need not think of so much worrying things. Just live peacefully day by day and that's all. Lolz~~ La la la..... After STPM...i will go straight into a 3 days 2 nights camp le... Then,come back and take a rest for one day... Haha~~ After that i will be going for another 7 days 6 nights camp~~ Chew...i will only be free on the 14th... Hmmm...tat nite is another important day for the members of legion of Mary~~ So,i have to attend another dinner then. Oh well,busy busy period la... Christmas season ah~~ Haha,it will surely be very enjoying de..... Yeah~~~~~ O ya,I also got a lot friends who was bornt in the month of December ei~~ so so many things to do ah~ Cool~~~~~^-^

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