Thursday, December 25, 2008


Christmas Day~~sang n sang till my voices are gone... Oh well,for God ma..say wat leh?? least i am happy when i do so... I attended two english mass in a row.. Never did so before coz always attend the chinese one.. Lolz...actually i had a better feeling when i attend the english mass compare to when i attend the chinese mass.. Dunno why,maybe because of the atmosphere ba.. The preparation for christmas is all over now.. It's time to celebrate..still remember the christmas procession las caroling till 11 pm on the 22th n 12am the day after.. La la la..yesterday nite's christmas eve's mass till 11 something in the night... Wow,everything seems so magnificent!! I love is the preparation for new year liao.. 2008 have 6 days plus liao only~~^-^

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