Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jia you,friend~~~~

Oh well,it's just not good in just looking at our past sometimes.... What can we do about it? No matter how good we have done,that will only be our sweet memories or bitter nightmares. There's no turning back for us as we as humans,should always hope a better and nice future. Looking forward will bring us to another step in our life. What to do if we die one day and then realize that we haven't done any meaningful things during the whole of our life? No regrets,pal... I know that we can never expect good things to happen to us everyday. We do our best and be like others who are working as hard as we do. Don't always think of failure. Please think of your love ones before you wanna make any kind of decision which would eventually affect yourself and the one beside you. Thank God that He grant me a such nice and peaceful family to me.... So,we will meet again in my next blog post... I certainly hope for better thinking then~~^-^

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