Saturday, November 1, 2008


Chemistry,Physics,Maths 1,Maths 2 and General Paper~~ These are all the subjects which I will be taking on this coming STPM examinations. Oh well,there are 17 days left... Revisions are done in a quite ok manner. I won't rush it as I can't memorize well a lot of things at one time. Just do everything step by step and leave all the rest to God. Haha~~ But then,different people will definitely have different manner in studying.. There's no deny in that. So,no matter what you do,just believe in yourself! Tell yourself that you wanna do it and you can do it... Go for the goal which is so hard to reach. Lolz..just like that la.. La la la...17 more days.. haha...33 days to holidays~~~Yeah~~~

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