Sunday, August 31, 2008


Sometimes we just don't admit that we have actually change. Change to something which is really dangerous. Dangerous till really scary. Scary till the one beside them ran away. In the end,they are left alone in the darkness. They strive for survival in the darkness. While some manage to ran away, some were trapped in there for a long time before they can come back to the light. Light can save us by conquering the darkness. No evil can beat light. Our life doesn't end like this. We must earn the best life possible. Do not get overexcited over something which may be nice at first sight. There is no love at first sight in this world. You have to experience a lot before you can actually call that love. Please wake up if you are still lying there like a dead body which is not used in the right way. To be precisely, you can actually cause a lot of trouble to others. You are too selfish to think for others. No point in doing so. People will hate you. Your one moment of happiness will end in the most dreadful way. Your eagerness has turn you into someone who you are not used to be. You have changed. We often say you have turn over a new leaf. We can also say this about you but then you are a new bad and rotten leaf. You bring no good to this society. Please change for a better tomorrow and not turn into someone who make the darkness to win over others.

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Barbara said...

allen, r... u.... talking bout... ursf? y d suddenly 领悟? merdeka day cn make so big difference 2 sum1 huh? hehe... nyway, glad 2 noe tat u finally realise tat exam's near.

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