Saturday, October 4, 2008

Can Cry Really Help?

We can cry and cry sometimes just to relief ourselves... But can we change a fact? Can we do anything just to make things more beautiful? Hehe..dun be too 天真 la... It's not as easy as u seems.
One of my friends told me these "哭是女生最擅长的。。。虽然哭不能解决事情,但可以发出心中少许的不满,委屈呀。。。" Honestly speaking,I,myself will cry out once in a while to release the pressure and burden i m carrying all this while... I dun wanna make myself sok qu... I can't control my tears from rolling down my cheek quietly. I can't hide forever. What to do? I am also a normal human being. Just alone in this week,I had cry for a few times for my beloved friend who has gone to a really far place. Normally,we see a girl cry but please don't be surprise if anyone of u see me crying. This is me and no one can change me. I don't like to a metamorphosis. Hehe...I am not the kind of man who thinks that they "流血不流泪" Jia you to those of you who wanna cry out but don't have the guts to do so. Don't keep too much inside ur heart oh~~


ch said...

lolz.. if u go kelab bimbingan kaunseling borrow the books.. u can realize a lot of things, learn a lot of things..
well.. just leave all the difficulties to GOD.. HE will handle for you, and say out " EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT! "

Barbara said...

nah, it does nth much. bt if you feel better, then go ahead. no one except u who control your tears, rite?

khaifire said...

hmmm..i hope not la..

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