Saturday, December 6, 2008


La la la~~~ Yeah....I'm back from a church camp le... It was a leadership training camp... Oh well,the truth is i din learn much from it la... But then,I was so touched by the activities we attended. One of them was the washing leg session. The session serve two purposes-better relationship and serving. I washed one of my closest friend's(John) leg in the church. He said thank you to me for being such a good friend and helper to me. My tears burst straight after he told me those two words. I couldn't control my feelings any longer. We washed each other's leg. After that,I sat on the floor alone among all the other campers. My tears didn't stop there. I was so touched. I said stop crying to myself yet it just couldn't be stop. Well,friendship really means a lot to me. Other than that,the food was ok. The place we stayed was just fine. Just that there was too many mosquito. Haiz...just that tiny problem. I think that's all for now ba... O ya,i don't feel tired from this camp as this was not a camp of physical activities. Quite relaxing too...^-^

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Anonymous said...

yea.. friends are important.. hahaha

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