Sunday, September 28, 2008

50 Days~~~

Oh is the 28th of September already. The distance from the 18th of November is still quite far away but actually it is getting nearer and nearer to me day by day. Time just pass by faster and faster. Sometimes, I just can't catch up with it. 50 days then. What to do with this 50 days? Whether or not it is's not in my own hand. I can't do much too. I have to depend on my beloved God too. God, I really hope that you can bring the best out of me. I know I can do it just that I didn't make full use of my ability yet. Whatever obstacles pour on me will not make me fall down from now on. I am determine to do the best this time. No more MR.nice guy... I just hope that it rains everyday cause I doesn't want others to know that I am actually crying. I just want to live in a peaceful manner.

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