Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weirdo oh Weirdo~~

Weird things can just happen every now and then. When you have finally start to feel like giving up, it will just suddenly pop up in front of your eyes and give you a pleasant surprise. This just made me startled for a moment or twice. Didn't know how to react the best possible way. Oh well, life brief candle. Nice and talented people come and go just like the wind blowing here and there. Gary Speed, I still don't believe that you actually hanged yourself and committed suicide. There must be something wrong. Come on, I need the truth.

Now to the question if I am right in my choice. I am having doubts every now and then. It's just not nice to take risk as I like. In the end, who will be the one who will be hurt? Not me but the one surrounding me. Their eyes and heart sore the pain I felt. All these years have been wasted and no success in return. This is just really bad and no one likes it. But then nothing can be changed as this is the life being given by the one up stair. Trust in him and you will have a great and wonderful life ahead of you!


DoRa Priscilla said...

Many things to consider not just feelings..
No need to rush, a man have plenty of time, not like girls, we have expiry
Allen, all the best! "We" always will be here to back you up.. haha

Allen said...

Hmmm..yeah, i agree to wat u said.. haha..but sometimes the mind just like to make up things.. Lol..anyway, thanks to u all ya.. Hehe, i will call for back up if i need!^^

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