Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Procession and Travelling Around Sibu~~!!^^

Yahooo~~~ Tonight's gonna be a good good night!! Haha, it's the once in a year's Christmas Procession at Town Square... Come on, let's get high like.. Tell the whole world that Jesus is coming to town for Christmas.. Walalala..gather around with all the nice and wonderful friends from all kind of races.. Happy happy..just can't wait for that!! So, see ya all tonight at 6pm ya.. Come if you can ba, only once in a year..hehehe..^^ Very fun and enjoyable~~

La la la..these few days has been really well-spend and fully utilized... Haha, why do I say so? Yeah, yesterday I actually went around Sibu Town like never before with Ung, Irene, Ren Wei and Li Na... Irene and Li Na are from KK by the way..hehe.. Oh yeah..we actually went to most of the supermarkets in Sibu.. Lol..Daesco Hypermarket, Giant Hypermarket, Sing Kwong, Farley, Medan Mall n Delta Mall... Other than that, we also went to One o One Cafe, Friends Kopitiam, Muhibbah, Ku Tien Garden n Lau King Howe Memorial Museum Hospital~~ Overall, tired but happy to drive around with friends from the other part of this big big world~~, welcome all of you from outside Sibu to come to Sibu ya..^^

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DoRa Priscilla said...

Next year I 'll be in Sibu also ^^

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