London And Rio

There are 2 places which are deeply carved in my mind right now, London and Rio. I have a dream, to visit both of these places after I graduate. London to take a deep look at my favorite football club, Chelsea FC! and Rio to take a look at the famous statue of Jesus Christ. Wow, come on! This shall be a aspiration which will guide me to achieve it. The goal of my life now! Wahahaha. Target year to achieve: 3-4 years time.


Amanda Rina said…
Waa .. Nice :D
Go for it !! :D
DoRa Priscilla said…
take us with you! you know who we are ;) hahaha
Allen said…
haha..wenah...come on!! If possible, we make it a graduation trip.. Lol..dora~~no problem ba..we shall be travelling together for the next few years ba..^^no worries..

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