Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tight Christmas Schedule Ahead

As you all know, I have endured my first 3 weeks of holidays with different kind of experiences. The first n second week was on the trip to KL while the third week which was last week, I actually attended a one week church camp. So, finally now I can settle down peacefully at home with my laptop, family and friends. Sibu oh Sibu, less than 3 more weeks to go. Please make the time pass slower than it uses to be. I still have lots of things to do. 

The coming week is gonna be another busy period for me. Let's list them down one by one here, right here right now.
13th: I am free from anything, so let's not bother it
14th: My church friends' anniversary celebration party
15th: Meeting for the recently concluded Youth Congress 2011
16th: One day driver for my friend, Ung as his friends from KK will be coming to Sibu
17th: Christmas Procession
18th: Christmas Caroling song practice, Church cleaning and Christmas Caroling
19th: YMCA Concert at Sibu Gateway where we will perform Joy To The World

Wow, wow, wow. So, how tight can the schedule for my coming days be. I just love the Christmas Season! December oh December~~ Love love love..^^


DoRa Priscilla said...

Although a tight schedule but it sounds a lot of fun! ^^

Allen said...

yeah...it's full of fun!! I wish for more actually~~ Wahaha..christmas songs everywhere~~

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