Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bye November and Hi December~~^^

Nice Christmas for the start of December..thanx to Dora for being my model!!^^
It's the last day of the month dy. How time flies, anyway November shall be another great month to remember. I started off with exams and end it magnificently with my great and wonderful 10 days 9 nights trip in Melaka, Genting and KL. Oh well, I will surely cherish the moment I spend with my dear friends. Last few minutes of November before I flip the calender to the new month, December! Hehe, another busy month to expect! Many things going on. Gonna start fighting starting from tomolo onwards. Let's get the Christmas Spirit on!! Wahahahaha..have a nice day and all the best guys and gals~~^^

All my wonderful friends!! Haha..see ya all after holidays..^^

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