Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012's New Year Resolution(Changes)

Here's a bit of changes to the previous post. And some have been removed due to various reasons. Yeah, hope that I can achieve most of them written here.

1.Save more money 
2.Study harder 
3.Buy a printer
4.Give more time for praying
5.Find a girlfriend
6.Be a better person 
7.Lessen entertainment
8.More time on sports
9.Read more books
10.Visit church more often 
11.No KFC
12.More on healthy food
13.Travel to overseas
14.Less time for movie
15.Be a good boy
16.No last minute work
17.Lessen time for Facebook
18.Improve football skill
19.Church activities over friends
20.Own church activities over other church's activities
21.Eat 3 times a day
22.No supper
23.Weekend not necessary need to go out
24.Socialize more
25.No need to be back home for every holiday
26.Smile and greet every lecturer
27.Goodbye Upper star lamb chop
28.Read bible once a day
29.Be a more responsible man
30.And finally change for a better and new person!


DoRa Priscilla said...

I like that "GoodBye UpperStar Lampchop" :D eii.. nothing about exercise? haha you are a bad boy meh previously?

Allen said...

hahaha..gt ba..more time on sports..no.8!! Lol..nt to say bad boy ba..just not tat good lo..wahhahaa...^^

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