Saturday, December 3, 2011

Genting's Trip(23-24/11/2011)

Yeah, after the Melaka trip from the previous post, it's now to Genting Highlands! We had to take a long way before reaching the place itself. For instance, the taxi from Discovery Hotel in Melaka to Melaka Central. Then from there to the bus terminal in TBS. Next, by using the LRT Putra, we went on to Plaza Rakyat. At Plaza Rakyat, we were required to find the bus from KL to Genting. We found the counter and finally we were starting to see the road in front. Genting awaiting!! Wahahaha.

During this journey, we were accompanied by a friend of us, Kyry Junior! Haha, welcome welcome! One hour trip to Genting~ Then we checked in the hotel at about 6 something. Wow, the place was so cool and cold. Hehe, no aircond but only cold wind! Got ready ourselves before I immersed myself into a believing that I would gamble big on the very night. Lol, this has been the highlight of the trip for me before hand. Wore my best clothes and it's time.

After dinner, we went for a little shopping. Walking up and down and finally went into the casino at 10.30pm. Watch and watch the different games in there. An hour gone and finally I burst out. Put my RM100 on the table. I told myself that I must at least double the money before going home. Haha. Won some and lost some in the middle. Eventually I did won RM100 and happily went back to my hotel room.

The next morning should have been a much eventful day but it turned out otherwise. The weather was really bad and there was nothing much we could do about it. No more outdoor theme park for us. Oh well, at least we had our buffet breakfast and a nice walk outside the hotel from one part to another part. Cold breeze blowing and this was a feeling which we may never experience during normal time. My friends played the basketball game and I watched them. At 12 pm sharp, we checked out from Genting's First World Hotel. All was done in Genting.

Next, we head on down to KL by using the cable car and bus. Another adventure awaits us and see ya in the next KL post! Tata, bye!^^


DoRa Priscilla said...

I did't remember that we had a long journey to Genting tho, I forgot we had to go through LRT.. hahaha
Haiz we did't get to go to the outdoor theme park, next time!

Allen said...

hahaha..i remember every bit of it as I was the one asking for directions..hehe.. Come on..ya la kan..outdoor theme park.. nvm's still very long~~^^

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