Sunday, December 11, 2011

Youth Congress 2011!! Best Best~~^^

Ok, now let's go into detail for this year's Youth Congress which I have finished attending just a few hours ago. The camp was for one week from 5-11/12/2011! A church camp which was an annually organized camp up until last year. Anyway, this year's role for me is different from the years before once again. This time I am an adviser for the Sports and Recreation group. Honestly, I have no idea what was my role actually. I didn't know what to help my student leader, Stephanie Tiong. Well, all I know is that she was the one with all the ideas and I am just gonna help her whenever she faces problems.

But then, I also don't know. Did I helped her too much? Lol, maybe I am too used to do the things myself and make sure things goes well. Anyway, I have tried my best to let her do everything by herself already. I do hope that she can really learn something from this camp lo. From what I see, she did a very good job but can definitely improve more. So, congratulation girl! U finally did it and you r free from all!!  <

Now let's talk more of the camp. I have joined this camp for 3 times up until now, so I definitely know what's all about. Checking luggage, ice breaking, briefing, opening mass, introductory session+welcoming performance and world youth day intro was the things we did on the first day. The one which gave me goosebumps was the welcoming performance. Well, we really prepared at the last minute and I don't feel like we did a good job eventually.On the next day, the highlight of the day was the Gladiators! and Maranatha Nite. Gladiators! was about station games and I guess it went on quite well, at least for my station la. Overall, the games was not dangerous and I can see most of them liked them. Maranatha Nite was about prayer done with singing. The feel was not that much and sorry but I didn't got touched but actually felt asleep while doing it. 

The third day was about the preparation for the Vanity Fairground on that very night. We prepared the whole morning and finally it was all done. All the participants enjoyed playing it and this certainly made us happy about it. But i actually felt that it was quite over while playing the games. We shouted like crazy! Haha. Anyway, it's done dy and we should not be thinking about it anymore. After that, it's to the Adoration of the cross and washing of feet. The washing of feet was so touching and I experience more and know more about it this time around. Touched from the start till the end!!

Road to Golgotha which is also known the station of the cross was quite meaningful but I regretted for not concentrating on it. Procession of the King, confession and infilling of the spirit was nice and I liked them so much as it was indifferent from before. Not many fell down this time. Haha. That was for Friday and now to Saturday where we had the visitation to the old folks home! Oh man, the place so so dirty!! How can they actually live in place like pity them, how I wish I can do something to help them. Oh well, last year went there dy and the condition was the same once again. Aiks... Then there were the I am A Star program, it turned out quite well, minus the time management. Hehe, after tat we had sing along and everything was so so high. The program ended around 12.30 am. Wow!

Today we had the final cleaning and final breakfast together in this camp. Went on to the Closing Youth Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral. Everything went ok. A bit dull maybe because of not enough sleep the night before. Haha, anyway there were some things which we had done in the camp which were so memorable which I would like to share here. We actually knelt till our legs felt so painful, turn black and the skin torn. Haha, we had morning prayer, angelus, divine mercy, evening prayer, rosary, mass and night prayer everyday. This was a holy camp indeed. A time when I prayed the most times for the whole year!! Oh my.. Did stretching, sing-a-long and Praise and Worship everyday as well. Personally, I liked all of them except the part where they didn't include the tongue language. 

Had meeting every night as usual. Nice to gather around and talk about the positives and negatives together. And we didn't fight among each others. This is the best part! I love it but honestly, I love last years' Dicipling Timothy more. Haha!!^^ The food and accommodation in there was the best in the whole world!! Imagine what we have got for the whole week for only RM80. Lol. Thanx ya father and organizing committee! In short, that's all I have experience for now and I certainly hope to be a part of it next year! Wahahaha, have a nice day people.^^ Happy Holiday~~continue enjoying it..:P

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