Friday, December 16, 2011

Be A Little More Confident, Please!^^

It's not that I wanna criticize these people or what but their actions are just so stupid that people just can't help it but feel wanna vomit. They can actually be so doubtful of their own well being. They never think of success but only failure all the time. Why must it be you who fail and not others? The way they think are just so weird and inconsiderate to the ones who are really weaker than them. Staring to the word fail all the time just won't help you to pass the exam anyway. If you really did so poorly in your exam, the result won't even change a bit even if you pray to God for help. So, please la. Can you please respect the one beside you before you want the others to respect you. Show a good example to them and not always be the one who is always short of confident. You are the top gun in class and prove to the others that you deserve that honor. Thank you and all the best.


Evone Victor said...

result exam ka allen?? ^^

Allen said... definitely concern about that..haha..^^

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