Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas oh Christmas!!^^

Tonight gonna present myself at the Sibu gateway for the performance for the YMCA concert. We will be presenting a dance by the name Joy To The World. Hopefully it really bring joy to the whole world. Let's make this Christmas a more meaningful one. After all the Christmas Procession and Christmas Caroling, the feelings are just so so great! Haha.~~

Last night was a great great night indeed. Went for Christmas Caroling at 8 houses and reached home at about 12.45 am!! First time attend caroling till like this. I wonder why we can get later and later year by year. The feeling of preaching the word of the Lord by this way is just indifferent from the normal ones. The way it's done and the people you do it with can really make a difference and help you to be more determined to achieve something.

Just by looking at the picture above, I can actually have a feeling to travel to some other in this big big world where it really snows. God, please grant me a chance to do so! Haha, I shall work hard towards achieving that then. Christmas songs, hymns, presents, food...walalala...^^

2 more weeks from now I will be heading back to the place I pursue my study. Holidays period are getting shorter and shorter. The mood is still very much high and I don't wish it to stop anytime soon. Oh well, please don't bring me back to the typical student life of mine. How I wish the time of holiday to pass slower and the time of studies to be passing away like the light. Anyway, no matter what, I shall take things slowly and be a nice person. Graduation is just there and I am the one who will go over and collect it! Come on.

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