Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas Tree has been my yearly routine at home. I just love to do so. Some called it a tradition but for me, it just make the whole festival merrier and I am happy in every process of setting up the big tall tree in front of me. Well, this year I have decided to set the tree up earlier than usual as I will be away from home starting tomorrow. It's for a one week camp which will be held in the Sibu Pastoral Centre. A church camp by the name Youth Congress 2011 in case some of you are interested.

Anyway, setting up the tree was not that hard and it only takes about 30-40 minutes, I guess. But the feeling was just purely awesome. Step by step you set it up. All the way until it's a complete tree in front of you with all the lighting on. How adorable, how sweet and of course how warm the whole Christmas spirit is at that moment! Here are some pictures attached to let you see how the setting up process looks like. Haha, enjoy and have a nice and festive Christmas Season ahead of all of you! See ya all again in one week time.^^                                                                          


DoRa Priscilla said...

Great job! So cute and adorable...No wonder where ever Allen goes, he always attracted to the Christmas tree.. hahaha.. missing set up his own tree pula.. haha..
Wah Allen gone for 1 week? Have fun and bless camp ya ^^

Allen said...

hehe..thanx ya dora! Yeah, christmas tree are just so cute n adorable..^^ Yeah, one long week..after just back from kl last tuesday..tomolo gonna travel once again! Lol..sure sure..u too have a fun holiday ya..:P

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