Saturday, December 3, 2011

KL's Trip(24-29/11/2011)

Now to the KL trip from the 24th till 29th November 2011. Oh well, for those loyal readers and friends of mine out there, i guess all of u know that this was not my first time here this year. Hehe, my second time here in just 4 months time. But then, the people I go with are different this time. The places are almost the same but some new places were added in as well. Stayed in 2 different places during these 6 days 5 nights. YMCA Hostel and Sungei Wang Hotel was the places we stayed.

Let's start from the first day, we reached the KL Sentral and looked for directions of the hotel like a deer in a new kampung. Wahahaha. Eventually we found them and rest for the afternoon after such a tiring few days before. Night time we went to the Petaling Street. Somehow I expected more from there but anyway, it's still nice to visit a new place. A place which sells different kind of stuffs and food. Ate some hot food and liked them so much. Hehe. Had some walk along the street and that was all for the night. Continue playing poker and the others slept late.

The second day was another day to remember. It was the first time I went to Sunway Lagoon. Took the KTM komuter to Subang Jaya from KL Sentral. After that, took a bus to Sunway Lagoon. The place proved to be so significant just by seeing the price of the tickets. I took the ticket for all 5 parks (scream, extreme, amusement, water and wildlife) while some of my friends took just 3 parks. My tickets cost me RM75! Come on, once in a while ba. We played and played all kinds of games. It was really worth it and indeed I love it. Didn't take many pictures here as we didn't bring our camera while we were playing. Anyway, Sunway Pyramid was great as well. The Sunway trip, Nice! Haha.

The next day was shopping time and we went on to KLCC. Shop and shop around. Bought many food to eat and one of them was Durian Pancake. I love it as it has been a long time since I last tasted durian. KLCC was so big and we took some pictures of the twin tower before we proceed to Mid Valley, another big shopping complex in this hustle and bustle city of KL. The girls went shopping and the boys went window shopping. LOL. As the mall was so so big and with the DIGI line so bad that very day, some of us actually got lost contact with each other when we eventually wanna gather together. Luckily all still manage to get together and ate dinner together before going back to the YMCA Hostel.

O ya, something actually happened that night as well, the boys missed the KTM back to KL Sentral. It was too crowded and in the end, we had to wait for an extra 30 minutes for the next train back. I actually went to Chou Kit Road with Ning n Bernard that night as well. Shopped for my dad's MC jersey and got it. I thought I could find something interesting but things turned out as a disappointment.

It was a Sunday the next morning so we went to the church like every Sunday morning. St. John Cathedral was the destination. The church was quite big and special as well. Good looking and quite spacious as well. After that, we went back to the YMCA hostel and prepared for check out. Next, we head on to the second hotel in KL, Hotel Sungei Wang. Went to Sungei Wang Plaza that afternoon and shop, shop, shop! Haha, girl's heaven. Bought some new t-shirt of mine there as well. Ate dinner around the corner of the hotel and bought some Ba gua as well. Midnight was like evening there. 12 am was like 7pm. Haha. Come on.

Times Square, Low Yat Plaza and Indian Street was the place we went on the fifth day in KL. That day we was joined by Kavil and Puven. Kavil gave us early presents for Christmas and treated us to Baskin Robbin ice cream. Thanx ya gal. Walked around the place and bought some things for myself as well. Hehe, mouse and fan for my laptop. Head on to the Indian Street before going to Ampang where Puven treated us to some Indian food. I forgot the name but all I know is that they are really delicious! Oh my, forgot to mention. It was our last night in KL! I actually slept early that night as I was too tired. Nothing much done that night and was getting nervous of going back the next day!

Finally, it's the last day of trip. After 9 days, I can finally tell myself that I am going back to Sibu after 40 days. Hahaha, actually some need to say after 153 days or 247 days. Much longer than mine. Oh my, went for a breakfast at Long Ji before doing our final shopping in KL's Sungei Wang. Bought a trousers, pencil box and something to eat before heading back to the hotel for check out. O ya, we also celebrated Esther's birthday before hand. Haha. What a pleasant surprise for her. 12.30pm sharp we checked out and headed towards the LCCT airport via taxi! Reached there and did our check in. Got ready our heart for take off and it's time to say bye bye to KL!

Reached Sibu at about 5.50pm and it just feel so nice to be back once again! Hahahaha. All smiles for the trip. Enjoyed them, had fun, felt tired and it was just great! Love it so much, wish to have this kind of trip every year! Actually would love more if we can go oversea next time. Who knows, maybe Taiwan or Hong Kong~~ Oh nice would that be. Happy Happy~~~ Walalalala..have a nice time reading ya, people~~^^


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oh yeah! Me want to go also! ^^ next year GC president! plan our next trip.. hahaha

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