Friday, December 2, 2011

Melaka's Trip(20-23/11/2011)

Due to some comments from a friend of mine on my post 3 days ago, Melaka, Genting and KL Trip!!, I have decided to write more on the trip. Melaka's A'Farmosa being the first place we stepped in our trip this time. It's a quite magnificent place. I didn't expect the place to be that big but it turn out to be a pleasant surprise to me. Every time we wanna go from one place to another place, we were required to request for a banana truck. N indeed it costs us money. The food has been the main obstacles in this place. Way too expensive and some are just ridiculous.

Anyway, the places in there were really fun. There were places like Safari Park, where we see different kinds of animals. Took lots of pictures and had fun together. Hmmm, I actually can't remember me eating anything that day when we went to Safari Park. Oh ya, I actually skipped lunch and straight away went back to the villa which we stayed for 3 days 2 nights. We took a rest then and went on to the Cowboy town where we see different kinds of shows there. We had a RM12 dinner there and continue on to the animal n Indian show.

Every night there we slept late. Why? Because of poker. Hahaha. Some of the girls who didn't know how to play poker before this have learned the tricks and some were even better than those who knew the skill beforehand. Wow, magnificent! Took a rest and woke up the next morning for another new adventure in the Water World. Water World was all about water of course. Well, didn't play many games as expected as we were rushing for check out. The games was interesting as well, those who have never try them before must try if can. Imagine yourself sliding down from a few kilo meters high and got capsized.

Checked out from the nice and memorable place at 12pm straight. After that, we took the taxi to Melaka town and checked into our hotel there, Discovery Hotel. This place was surely not as nice as the one before which was a villa. A room with 8 beds and which will be shared between 8 people. The space was so small that one can hardly breathe. Oh well, the town itself was really special with different kind of food being offered such as "yuan tuen mee", "ji li fan", egg ice-cream, different choices of biscuit and etc.

We along the street by the name Jonker street. The walk was tiring but fun when you actually walk with the people you like. My friends really made my day. Took many pictures of the historical city. The A'Famosa wall, the church, the statues and etc. Other than that, we also went to eat Lok Lok in the city during dinner time. The food was ok but I felt that there were a little bit too expensive and I didn't have much of it that night. The place was an early sleeping city, so many lighted off before 11pm.

The next day we went to the shopping mall for some shopping before rushing back to the hotel for another checked out event. That's all from Melaka. The next destination was Genting! If you wanna know more on Genting, do stay tune for it in the next post ya. It's time to get some rest from blogging! Haha, have a nice time reading people~^^


DoRa Priscilla said...

I forgot to mention poker! hahaha.. our source of entertainment everyday! Yeah, you mean me right, better that knew the skill beforehand.. hahaha..I am great sifu(s) ^^

Allen said...

hehehe...tell u something, even when I am back home now, i m actually playing it with my family members every night~~ Our source of entertainment as well..wahahaha...good for u lo..^^

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