Saturday, January 28, 2012

Enjoy To The Blast!^^

Coming into the 6th day of CNY just make me feel more and more unfeel of going back to KK. It's just like yesterday. I just celebrated the first day of CNY and now we are coming to the end. Oh my, why is the holidays always shorter than the school days? I guess most of the students will be asking the same question as me up until when we really start working in the society. Lol, yeah, working is really not an easy thing to deal with. I can feel it from the face and expression of my friends who are currently working now. Anyway, I still have about less than 3 years to go in my studies. This 3 years is gonna be a blast and I will surely make it as wonderful as possible! Hahahhaa...come on, Happy Holidays in the last few days ya ppl~~ Good day..^^

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