Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February~~^^

Alright, here I am once again early in the morning of the first day of February 2012. Just had a simple tea time with my friends at Hajara Curry House and now my mind is full of ideas. Somehow the feelings just flow as it is and I can't even figure out where it's landing now. What a life I have had all this while. Oh well, what to do. People do change and I know I can't do to much to cure this. I am scare that I am changing as something unexpected might just be happening slowly step by step without me realizing it. How scary would that be. Oh my. 

So swiftly one month has passed by. We are into the second month of the year and there are much more things to look forward to. Assignments and exercises rushing in. Which means more money needed to be spend on. I really hope that I can do my budgeting well so that I can spend my precious money on other stuffs. Anyway, a printer has been added into my collection yesterday. I have finally decided that it's time to own one after pursuing my studies here for such a long time. It's hard to make a decision at times but once we have made up our minds, there shall never be anymore second thoughts! Just do it, as we know that never try, never know. So, goodbye and so long to you! I shall set sail and be a goner once again! Wahahahaha..have a nice February people~^^

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