Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Moment To Share~~^^

 I love choices but I don't like when it's the time for me to choose. When there are 2 good roads place in front of you right now, the worst thing is the dilemma which one is needed to face. The move is needed to be made as soon as possible but no one said when. Too easy for one to predict. The mind just like to make up things which is still so unsure now but there are deem to be someone out there who believe in the rumors. Well, life has been so far so good these days here. Though only 2 days, I have started missing the time I spend with my friends back in Sibu. It's just so indifferent from the ones here. No disrespect anyway.

You may say that being a student is the best possible time of oneself. You may say that when oneself start earning money, he shall be the happiest person in this world. You may say this and that. And in the end, one will be needed to choose the road of his own. Time passes all the time. Without realizing, the ticking of the second has got faster and faster. No way to turn back time. Appreciate your happy times now as you may never predict what may eventually happen to you tomorrow. The question of waking up before tomorrow morning's dawn is another big problem.

Suddenly have a feel of freedom which I know won't last long. It's just the starting of every semester when there are no homework, ISL, tutorial, assignments, tests and etc. Let's just give it another 2 weeks time, everything shall be getting back to normal. The busy time will arrive sooner or later as the cycle of the institute life will never be break down. A feeling of change was burning hot in my heart the other day but what can I do other than accept the reality. Oh well, nothing in precise. I can just wish all of us good luck and all the best. This is the road we have taken since the first day we signed the contract. Have a nice time reading!^^

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Dora said...

My ambition is to be a Primary school teacher :P lets do our best

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