What A Saturday I Had!!

Shalom people! It's early Sunday morning and I am still here, BLOGGING!! Wahahaha, this is the consequence of watching a winning match. Yeah, I just finished watching Chelsea winning a league game against Sunderland and I am so happy right now. Oh well, since then, I might as well share with you all what I have done yesterday. A busy day indeed starting from early morning till just now at midnight!

I woke up as early as 6.30 am because of the stupid fan I had in my room. It was so noisy that I can't sleep well for the whole night! Woke up and washed some clothes, then suddenly came to learn that my friends are going to play badminton at Likas Stadium. I decided to follow them there but not to play badminton and wanna go swimming instead. But what happened when we were on the way there was that the stadium was closed for public and we had to change venue to the Foochow Association. I had to follow put and had no choice but to follow them and played some badminton. P/S: without any formal attire and wore slippers.

Next destination was to the Hajara Curry House with my friend, Juing. Oh well, I was super hungry that time and no matter what you gave me that time, it would taste like heaven! Then went on to Centre Point at 2pm. Did some shopping and bought some new year stuffs. Oh my, money gone once again. Back to the hostel and had some rest before going out again at 6.30pm for a birthday dinner with my friends. It was for Bernard and Jun Ning's birthday.

We went to E'West Lounge and Cafe. Never been there and the atmosphere was quite good. Haha, enjoyed the food there although it's a little bit expensive. Anyway it was a good and useful experience. After that, we went on to Tanjung Aru Beach for some gossiping and walking along the pathway of the beach. Hehe, nice one. I really think that we should do this more often la, people!

Well, you might think that it's quite late dy that time when I reach hostel at 10.25pm but the story doesn't end there. The night was still young and I went on to Hajara Curry House with my classmates and watched a Chelsea match until 1am in the morning! Luckily they won and I can have a nice day today. Come on Chelsea. Oh yeah, what a day I had yesterday. So pack and full. Anyway, I just can't wait for 6 days to come. It's time to go back once again. Yeah!!^^ Have a nice weekend people! :)


DoRa Priscilla said…
Okay bos, after allowance, president belanja at tanjung aru! yeah!
Allen said…
hehehe...belanja u ah... Can ba, why nt...wahahaha...^^
Dora said…
you said de arr!! :D hahaha I marked your word!
Allen said…
erm, erm, erm...hahaha...u wanna see president pokai later? lol..>.<!

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