Monday, January 9, 2012

The First Weeks~~^^

Well, I have been here for merely one week dy. Was still thinking how great would have been if it's still holiday now. I could have spend more time with my family and friends. Having chit-chatting time whenever and wherever we want. Oh well, with that the semester have started as well. It went on quite smooth on the first week and not many things were put into our mind just yet. I also learned that we will not be having English as our minor dy but have BM as our minor instead. This is because Maths will be taught in BM next time when we graduate.

Anyway, study wise have been so far so good these days. I like this semester more than last semester as we have less outdoor activities compared to the semesters before. More time spend in the classroom hearing lectures and more time to rest. The lecturers are just fine and I like most of them. Well, as today marks the start of the second week, more works are pouring in day by day. Starting to receive ISLs, Tutorials, and etc. These are the normal things which we are deem to receive so, get used to them!

11 more days to go before I depart from this place again. Really can't wait to celebrate this year's dragon year back home. Come on! Hahaha, time oh time...please move faster!! Walalala..time to sleep..c ya all soon!!

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