Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Jun Ning!!^^

One day without blogging has brought me so much changes and many things had occur since the last 48 hours. Well, I went swimming for 2 days in a row after not doing so for so long. Yeah, the feeling was just great! But all of that great feeling had fade away after I learned of something. I actually forgotten my friend, Jun Ning's birthday yesterday..on the 17th of January!! Oh my, how can I ever forget this. I have celebrated her birthday with her beforehand but I actually forgot to wish her on that very day!!! Susahla...ok, so I would like to dedicate this whole paragraph below just for her!! Have a look ya Jun Ning!!

Hi there Jun Ning!! Although I don't think we know each other for a very long time, maybe not even one year ba, but then what I can tell you is that you are a really nice friend indeed. You have brought happiness in my life along with the other group members along with us. We have had fun together and done many great things together. The friendship bond created is not something which can be broken that easily! So, I am really happy to have you as a friend of mine. Without the appearance of you, I would be less perfect. Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday to you ya, my dear friend!! Have a nice year ahead of you ya. Enjoy and all the best!!^^

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