Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back For CNY!! Hahaha...One Week~~^^

After 3 weeks of Sem 3, it's time to go back once again. This time is for CNY purpose. Oh well, who wouldn't wanna celebrate this particular festive season with our own family unless there is really a very big barrier in front. Haha, 4 more hours to departure. I shall spend this holiday thinking nothing but enjoy! Haha, no home work or assignment shall dare come near to detriment my time with my family and friends. Come on, once a year only and it's so hardly to have 7 to 8 days of visiting ba. Anyway, hereby I wish all of you an early Happy CNY ya. May the new dragon year bring all of you a prosperous and wonderful new year ahead. Do come by my house if you are free during the whole festive season!! Wahahaha...Gong Xi Fa Cai~~^^


Dora said...

Happy CNY president! :D me want angpow! hehehe

Allen said...

hahaha..wait till i kahwin ba..then u come sibu..i give u angpow!! Wahahaha...^^ Happy CNY to u too..

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