Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mask Man! Take it Off!!^^

Before I forget the once most important thing of my life, I might as well refresh my mind first of all. The mindset is as clear as the water now. It's not what I used to aim before. Target wise has been changed. Maybe what Esther said do influence whatever I am thinking right now. It's just so troublesome till my headache would just worsen and worsen without realizing. What a life to live. I couldn't care much anymore with so much of assignments and tasks awaiting me in front of my path. Well, I might as well make the way clearer for all of us. To live in dignity and be a true man may be easy to say but hard when we really come to doing it. While we are still conscious with what we are doing, we might just still have the chance to save ourselves from all the pain and pull the plug as early as possible. It's time to pay more attention to the things which are supposed to be priorities. Oh well, put everything else behind and be yourself. You don't need to wear a mask every time by the way!

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