Thursday, January 19, 2012

2 More Days In Hell In The Cell!!>.
The nearer the date gets, the more I feel like my heart is wandering back home dy. Though only 2 more days to go, it just feels like staying in a cage which has no key to open it. All I want now is to leave here as soon as possible. I wish for the time to move faster and there is no need for me to think of all the problems I am currently facing. Tomorrow is a Friday and many will be flying back to their own hometown dy. This shall be my second time staying here and watching all my friends leaving me one by one. This kind of feeling really sucks and I totally despise it. What can I do? I have no earlier ticket to fly back home. So, fine. This will be my last time doing so, the next time I shall book my own CNY ticket. What the hell has it make me to stay here. Come on la. Someone please make the time pass faster!!^^

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