All The Best In Recovering!^^

Gossips occur every now and then. Yet what we all wish not to happen are the news of our friends are heard when we were gossiping among the others. I have learned of something quite explosive this very afternoon. Oh well, what to do. I can only wish them all the best right now. Something which are not yours shall never be deem to be yours. There is no meaning in pushing it further anymore as well. All we must do now is live our life as it is. There are much more trees surrounding us and we shall never dwell towards that one tree in our life. Be cool and be like a man! We must dare to lift it up and put it down the same way we lifted up the same thing at the first place. Good luck gal! Dun worry, be happy.^^


eyCha said…
ya. be happy. :D
Cindy said…
be nice to urself ya~ :D
Allen said…
hehehe...sure sure..^^

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