Reasons Here N Then!

Yeah...I have been telling myself some words all along... There must be a reason for something to the one above have planned this long before we were actually being brought to this big big world... So many things happen everyday, some we can deal with them easily while some are just more troublesome than ever... What to do other than face them bravely and give them a smile after everything is finally over... Haha...that's all I can do...

Something which were supposed to be mine have actually been snatched away in just a blink of an eyes after some people who has such a big power to just say cancel means disappointing la... Haiz...from one case to another...meant to change date yet date didn't change and now we don't even know if the whole thing can exist or not...oh gosh... Then to's just endless...I really can't wait for the long awaited holidays in 45 days...hahaha...


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