Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thanx Ya Guys n Gals for the Day!

Picture credited to Dora!
Haha, hi there guys and gals... Well, although it's only the 18th, my friends from the TESL class have helped me n Kavil celebrated our birthday as they fall in the same month, October! My beloved October, you shall always be the best! Now thanks ya friends for the wonderful wallet and lunch you gave me! I appreciate it so  much...come on! Friendship Forever! Haha...although there r less works dy now compare to the few weeks before this, there are still exams behind me. Many exams ahead, got some trial exams paper today n they actually look quite disastrous to me. Lol...what can I say? All the best to all n God bless...haha...^^


Dora said...

You should wait till I uplaod all the pictures! :D hahaha

Allen said...


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