Saturday, July 28, 2012

Appreciate Life And Time!^^

We only live once in this world as we are all deemed to leave this world for a better place next time. So, why don't we just live the fullest out of our life? We don't need to demand perfection all the time. Just make sure it's enough for us to consume. We need not put on a sad and disappointed face every time we come up against a new challenge. All we need to do is sit down and think over how to accept the challenge. Tell the whole world that you have that challenge accepted. 

There are more and more assignments coming in day by day. Well, I have manage to finish one (Calculus) and there are many more to be done. Not that hard actually but all needs to be done. Anyway, this past week have been so far so good for me as it's not as busy as the weeks before. Maybe I have indeed settle down in my semester 4 here. Two more weeks before I am going back for my 4th School Based Experience. This time I shall be doing it at a really different place, I guess it can be called Kampung Area la. Anyway, may God bless me.

Without realizing, it's near to the end of July dy. We often complain about how slow time can pass by but if we keep ourselves too busy at times, we might just realize that time is actually ticking every moment we are complaining! So, appreciate every moment we spend now and then as we never know what will happen the next second. Who knows what will land in front of us. Good luck guys and gals! And may all of us have a nice weekend ahead of us!^^

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