Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recent Updates!

It's been 2 weeks since I last blogged. Too many things happened in between such as BIG( a camp which lasted for 3 days 2 nights), semester 8 dinner n most recently Karnival Kokurikulum. There were indeed a lot of different and memorable experiences in these 2 weeks. I have new foster parents, live with them and learnt their culture. We played and ate all the time. That was 3 great days I had there. Semester 8 dinner was another big and busy night of mine of all time. I have never tried to get myself into such busy-ness!! Haha, I ran the whole place like a crazy fool to control this and that as I was the performance committee. I had to make sure the songs was played on time, karaoke ready, videos are played correctly, the lights of the place and etc. But thankfully, I still manage to eat my food. If not, I dunno how crazy I would get. Just tat not as peacefully as one would wish to.

Now to the recent Karnival Kokurikulum. I was the commander of my group, BSMM. We did our best and I actually shouted my heart out. All of these came out spontaneously. The truth is I never think of doing like tat. What surprised me was that my friend from block C actually say that he can hear my voice from there. Haha. Gosh. How loud can that be. Then to the bantu mula competition. Not bad la. Although I was one of the penganjur, I didn't really help much. Thanks to Ichum. He is the real boss! Hahaha...come on...1 more day to go before I am really really free to revise for my final exams in less than 2 weeks time!^^

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