Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Optimizing The Usable Tools!!

Well..without realizing, we have come to the month of October. But the works doesn't end here. Many more coming soon. And it's just not that easy to overcome them. During the process of solving the problem, we would tend to face some obstacles of life. They are so annoying some time that we are just too lazy to see eye to eye with them. Why waste our saliva and time on such no sense of thinking? People speak of the real and important thing but they just like to annoy us.

I know that it's just not easy to help someone else but does it really hurt us a lot to help others some time? Why do we need to be so selfish? Yeah, the more the merrier in doing some thing. But, if 4 people can cooperate among each other in finishing the job of 20 people, does it really make sense if you order 10 people to do the same thing? Is it not too crowded? Think about it! Don't be stupid la. Noob!!!

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