Saturday, October 27, 2012

My 23rd Birthday!^^

Yeah..I m back dy..after being at my foster family's place for 3 days 2 nights... Haha, indeed learned a lot and experienced a lot more than last time. This time my feelings for them are much deeper than ever. I actually missed them from the first step I walked away from the house. Haha, lol...not ashamed to say it here, I cried. Yeah, I cried the whole way from the house to the train station. The feeling just came out itself. But eventually I settled down and felt relieved that they love me so so much.

Another big and eventful thing is that...yeah, I am 23 today! Lol...gosh...went through so much. People at this kind of age might have graduated from here dy but I still have 2 years more... All because of the road I chose. 2 years in form 6, I never regret that. After all, I still need to walk my road. I shall be strong and be myself. I know this is the right n best choice available. Come on. Happy Birthday to myself and good day to all...^^ Btw, pictures taken from Dora's blog~~^^


Dora said...

I didn't regret it either! :D Anyway, Happy Birthday Allen!We will be 25 in our last year >.< hahaha

Allen said...

hehehe...good lo if like tat...come on! Age is not a big deal...the biggest deal is we manage to successfully become a teacher! Haha...^^ 25 onli ma..

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