Spare Me Some Time!!! least I still have some time to spare for blogging... Haha, just finished partial of my works so far... Meeting by meeting...homeworks like mountain... The one thing I face the biggest problem of all is the buku log for's just so hard to finish writing it... Gosh, I just had my final exam for an elective subject, WAJ 3107 this morning. Everything went ok but I was not so confident in the objective part... Haha, anyway I m still grateful that everything's over.

But there are still lots of things enwaiting for me to finish. Next week I have a camping at Kampung Brunei with the student from the same batch of mine and I am the treasurer. Sem 8 dinner in 2 weeks time and I am the Performance Leader...need to do arrangement for the performance... Presentation on the works we did in hall tomolo nite from 7pm till 11pm... Haha, wat a way to enter the Mooncake Festival this coming Sunday!! Busy indeed...


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